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A Levels Subjects

Finding home and online tutors for any of the A Levels Subjects? We have the best A Levels Tutors for Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Sociology, Psychology, Business Studies, Economics, Accounting, English Language and Literature, Urdu, Media Studies, Law, ICT and IT. Hire tutors in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad and Rawalpindi, and anywhere online. Go through the subjects given below and starting your tutoring for GCE Cambridge, Edexcel AS and A Levels, also for AQA and OCR boards.

A Levels Maths Tutors

A Levels Maths

Find best home tutors for GCE AS & A Levels Mathematics in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad and Rawalpindi – Pakistan and overseas online. Have hands-on practice of syllabus and past papers of Pure Mathematics (P1, P2, and P3), Mechanics, Probability & Statistics (S1 and S2).

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A Levels Physics Tutors

A Levels Physics

Hire best home tutors for AQA, OCR, Edexcel and Cambridge International AS and A Level Physics in Pakistan and anywhere online. Learn A Levels Physics past papers. Have hands-on practice of all topics from waves to circuits to heat and thermodynamics to electricity and magnetism to particle, nuclear and quantum physics to everything.

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A Levels Chemistry Tutors

A Levels Chemistry

Learn A Levels Chemistry the fun way. Hire our experienced tutor and make Physical chemistry, Inorganic chemistry and Organic chemistry easier for you. Last 5 years past papers, full course, and all concepts in depth of both AS and A Level Chemistry are on us, with no wastage of your time. Hire tutors for LGS, Beaconhouse, Aitchison College, LACAS, Choueifat, Karachi Grammar School, Froebel’s, Bayview Academy, FPS or anywhere online.

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A Levels Biology

Looking for AS and A Levels Biology tutors? We have the best tutors who are PhDs and have 15+ years of teaching all AS and A Levels Biology units from Cells as the units of life to Biochemical processes to DNA, the molecule of heredity to Natural selection and Organisms in their environment and Observation and experiment. All past papers are covered. Students from 25+ countries have already studied from these tutors such as KSA, UAE, the UK, Qatar, Kuwait, Pakistan, Singapore, and Australia among others.

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A Levels Business Studies Tutors

A Levels Business Studies

Learn A Levels Business Studies from the top tutors. Our tutors teach you all the papers from Paper 1 to Paper 2 and Paper 3 with past papers prep. All topics from Business and its environment to People in organisations to Marketing to Operations and project management to Finance and accounting to Strategic management are taught with the help of case studies. Start your process today, hire our tutor.

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A Levels Economics Tutors Lahore

A Levels Economics

Studying A Levels Economics? Need help with any of the papers from Paper (1 to 5)? Or finding difficult the concepts of basic economic ideas and resource allocation; the price system and the micro economy; government microeconomic intervention; the macroeconomy; and government macro intervention? Don’t worry, we have professional A Levels Economics tutors who teach at the leading schools of Pakistan and are foreign qualified.

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A Levels Accounting Tutors Pakistan

A Levels Accounting

No doubt Accounting is a boring subject, if not taught the right way. Our A Levels Accounting tutors are Chartered Accountants and Cost and Management Accountants, they teach at the leading academies and schools and help students with home tuition and online tutoring.  If you are finding a tutor for P1, P2, P3 for Financial Accounting, and Cost and Management Accounting, then you are at the right place – we are here to help you score A*.  

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A Levels English Tutors

A Levels English

A Levels English Language and Literature is one of the easiest and at the same time the toughest A Levels subjects if not studies the smart way. Most of the students taught by our A Levels tutors score straight As in AS and A Level English. Hire our tutors, and start learning the Passages, Writing, Text Analysis, Language Topics, Poetry, Prose and Drama for better grades. Online tuition is available globally, not just in Pakistan.

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A Levels IT Tutors

A Levels IT, ICT and CS

Do you want to learn the practical knowledge of how Computer Science works, especily the concepts of data, hardware, software, networking, databases, graphics, animation, video editing, programming, project management, etc? CIE A Levels IT and Edexcel ICT are the right subjects for you. Our A Levels IT tutors make you understand the syllabus in full depth along with the past papers and practicals.

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A Levels Sociology Tutors Lahore

A Levels Sociology

Have you selected Sociology in your A Levels? Do you need help with A Levels Sociology P 1 (The Family), P2 (Theory and methods), P 3 (Education, Global development, Media, Religion)? We have expert sociology tutors for GCE CIE Sociology who have hundreds of students online and at their home. Contact us for the free demo class to get to know how we help our students.

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A Levels Psychology Tutors

A Levels Psychology

If you are aiming at making a career in psychology as a psychologist, or just want to explore the biological, cognitive, learning and social ways of humans then this is the right subject for you. We have specialized tutors for A Levels Psychology who are certified psychologists and college professors and teach students the art of psychology. Solve past papers and study the full course that includes Paper 1 ( Approaches, issues and debates), Paper 2 (Research methods), Paper 3 (Specialist options: theory),  Paper 4 (Specialist options: application) both online and as home tuition.

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A Levels Urdu Tutors

A Levels Urdu

Learn A Levels Urdu from the teachers of Aitchison College, Beaconhouse, SICAS and Beaconhouse at your home in Pakistan or anywhere online. We help with all components of GCE CIE Urdu. Study Ghazlein (Mir, Taqi Mir, Dard, Aatish, Ghalib, Hasrat) Nazmein (Nazir, Iqbal, Faiz, Saahir, Josh, Nun Meem Rashid, Asrar-Ul Haq Majaz, Akhtar ul Imam) Nasar (Umrao Jan Ada), and Afsane (Anarkali) from the tutors who love Urdu. Score A grade – start today for A Levels 2020 exams.

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