A Levels Grading System

A Levels Grades

The A Levels grading system in the United Kingdom typically uses letter grades to assess students’ performance. The grading system is based on a scale that ranges from A* (the highest grade) to U (ungraded/fail). Here’s an overview of the A Levels grading system:


Grade Description
A* (A Star) Outstanding performance
A Excellent performance
B Good  performance
C Satisfactory performance
D Below Satisfactory performance
E Minimum Required Performance
U Unclassified – fail

A (A star):* This is the highest grade achievable and represents exceptional performance. It is awarded to students who demonstrate a deep understanding of the subject and excel in both coursework and exams.

A: An ‘A’ grade signifies outstanding achievement in the subject. It demonstrates a high level of proficiency and a strong grasp of the subject matter.

B: A ‘B’ grade represents a very good performance. It indicates a solid understanding of the subject and competency in coursework and exams.

C: A ‘C’ grade indicates a satisfactory performance. It represents an adequate understanding of the subject, meeting the minimum requirements for most universities and colleges.

D: A ‘D’ grade signifies a borderline pass. While it indicates some understanding of the subject, it may be considered a lower achievement compared to higher grades.

E: An ‘E’ grade represents a limited pass. It suggests a basic understanding of the subject but may not meet the requirements for entry into many degree programs.

U (Ungraded): A ‘U’ grade is given when a student’s performance is below the minimum standard required for a pass. It signifies a failure in the subject.

In addition to these letter grades, some A Levels courses may also include an ‘N’ grade, which stands for “Not Assessed.” An ‘N’ grade is given when a student has not completed the required assessments for the course.

It’s important to note that the grading system can vary slightly between different examination boards such as CAIE, Edexcel and others and countries, so students should be aware of the specific grading scale used by their examining body. Universities and colleges may also have varying entry requirements, so students should check the minimum grade requirements for their chosen courses.

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